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Our Holistic Approach to Dental Care

Our doctors are committed to holistic dentistry as the best way to care for our patients and keep them and our team as healthy as possible. First, our general dentists strive to treat the cause of a problem, not just the symptoms. This starts with proper nutrition, avoidance or elimination of toxins, and addressing any structural imbalance in the mouth. We feel it is important for you to understand how each aspect of your oral health affects you, so we take the time to educate you about gum disease, restoration, and other treatment options. We also provide insight and answer any questions you may have regarding the tools and techniques we use for your care.

Introducing Surgically Clean Air™

We are pleased to have installed Surgically Clean Air purifiers throughout the practice. This system uses multi-stage air purifying technologies that work together to clean, purify, and re-energize the indoor air. The six-stage filtration system captures dust particles, pollen, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), gases, mold, allergens, viruses, odors (like formaldehyde and smoke), bio-aerosols, and many other pollutants that are found in the inside air in workplaces. The negative ion generator makes indoors feel more pure, clean, and energized to help combat fatigue. For an air purifier to deliver its benefits throughout the indoor space, it needs to move large volumes of air through its filtration system effectively without impacting those people that are closest to it or being too loud. We think you will be as pleased as we are!



A Healthy Smile, A Healthy Body

Did you know that the cause of most tooth loss is not decay? It’s gum disease. And recent studies have established a link between gum disease and your overall health. The good news is that periodontics can be treated successfully, often without surgery. Our commitment to you includes paying meticulous attention to all of your needs for healthy teeth and gums so you not only look your best but also have optimum overall health.

DentaPure™ Purification

Without proper sterilization of water lines it’s possible to spread contaminants, which can be dangerous. Here at Packard Family Dentistry, we take this very seriously. We use DentaPure, the same purification system used on the International Space Station. This advanced system keeps our water lines free from possible contaminants.



Cosmetic Dentistry

Crooked teeth, worn teeth, fillings, gaps, chips, cracks, and discolorations – you name it, our cosmetic dentist can fix it! It’s no secret that our smiles have a huge effect on how others see us and how we feel about ourselves. Many patients tell us that they would love to fix their teeth, but they assume it will take something extreme to make it possible. They are thrilled to find out there are many conservative options for improvement. Ask us about veneers, bonding, crowns, and more. We also offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening.

Preview Your New Smile

Cosmetic imaging allows us to show you what can be done with your teeth and smile before you even start treatment. Computer images of your teeth and gums can be shaped, replaced, added to or lightened, resulting in your new smile. It is exciting to actually see your treatment goal.



A Mercury-Free and Mercury-Safe Office

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, an organization to which we belong, has established a mercury-safe protocol we have followed here in our office. Why? Because while the effect varies depending on the individual, there is no completely harmless level of mercury exposure. We also know that mercury-containing amalgam fillings emit mercury vapor, and we want our patients and staff to be able to avoid this exposure. For more details, feel free to call us or ask at your next appointment!

Reduce Infections and Sensitivity With Ozone Treatment

We are proud to be one of the country’s first dental practices to use this revolutionary new technology. Oxygen-ozone therapy can be applied in a variety of ways to treat and prevent gum disease. It is also known to boost the immune system and the body’s natural defenses and has antimicrobial properties. Ozone (O3) is a gas that kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi in less than a minute. It has been used for many years as a common water and air purifier. Studies have found that 10 seconds of ozone killed 99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi that were present in the tooth and gingiva. It’s also known to almost eliminate tooth sensitivity. Find out if ozone treatment is for you!



Laser Dentistry

We are thrilled to introduce Biolase™ Epic Laser technology to our patients. This soft tissue laser provides safe and effective treatment that makes treatment easier and far more comfortable, with faster recovery times. Many conditions such as periodontal (gum) disease, herpetic/aphthous ulcers, root desensitizing, and TMJ inflammation can now be addressed with laser dentistry. In keeping with our green dentistry approach, this treatment also reduces medical waste.

The STA System™ with The Wand™

The first computer-controlled local anesthetic system. Just one injection at a single tooth with The Wand is all that’s needed to numb an area. It lets the dentist precisely anesthetize a single tooth in only one to two minutes, rather than administering an anesthetic that numbs your entire lip. This is a more accurate and safer delivery of anesthesia. The STA works immediately, whereas the typical anesthetic can take 8 to 12 minutes, and lasts as long as traditional anesthesia. This technology has been clinically proven to provide a pain-free injection.


Sedation Dentistry

Relax Through Your Care

While we take great pride in being able to deliver painless injections, some patients are naturally anxious at even the thought of a needle. If this sounds like you, we have an offering that may help. One hour before your visit you take a pill that we dispense to you. You reach a level of sedation that allows you to respond to questions but relax through your entire visit. Sedation dentistry is also ideal for those who have a busy schedule and want to get all their treatment done in one visit. Another option is nitrous oxide for a lighter level of sedation. We want you to feel comfortably relaxed throughout treatment.

Dentistry Without Drills or Needles?

Is it possible to go to the dentist and never feel the drill or the pinch of that dreaded needle? One of the most spectacular advances in recent dentistry is called air abrasion. Instead of a conventional drill, this device aims a stream of tiny particles and air at the area of decay and gently mists it away! Many patients require little or no anesthesia at all. The sound and vibrations of the drill are gone – and so is most of the pain! For many procedures, it’s good-bye needles, good-bye drill!

Dentistry-Without Drills-or-Needles


The ICON™ Method for Tooth Decay

Our general dentists believe the best dentistry is the least dentistry, and we are pleased to utilize the philosophy of “microinvasive dentistry” with the ICON method. Of course, the traditional way to treat decay and restore teeth with fillings is perfectly valid. One drawback is the loss of healthy tooth structure during treatment. The ICON method allows tooth decay to be treated very early, which means no drilling! Many patients never even need local anesthetic, and it’s completely painless.

The Cleanest Your Teeth Can Be

We use a Piezo Scaler™ to aid in removing deposits of plaque and calculus (tartar) from your teeth, especially under the gumline and even in deep pockets, in the case of gum disease treatments. This hand tool uses high-frequency vibrations to enable us to remove deposits on your teeth faster than with regular scaling instruments. Your teeth have never felt so clean! As a bonus, most patients report less discomfort with the Piezo Scaler.



Miracle Treatment for Headache and Migraine Sufferers

The NTI™ device is an FDA-approved, drug-free treatment for the prevention of migraine and tension headaches, and it’s now available in our practice. It works by relaxing the muscles under the scalp and preventing the majority of headaches. In clinical trials, 82% of migraine sufferers had relief of their headaches, with a 77% reduction in migraine events. It’s painless, fast, and NOT expensive. If you experience migraines or know someone who does, then be sure to ask us about this exciting new treatment.

Saving Hopeless Teeth

Teeth with roots that have been damaged or infected used to require extraction, which can cause a lot of problems and should be avoided whenever possible. The good news is that we are well experienced in advanced root canal therapy, a procedure that removes the pulp chamber of a tooth and fills it with a filling material, saving the tooth. With modern anesthetics and technology, root canals are quite manageable, and we can do them here, with the team you already trust, instead of referring you to another office.



Oral Cancer – Minimize Your Risk

Teeth with roots that have been damaged or infected used to require extraction, which can cause a lot of problems and should be avoided whenever possible. The good news is that we are well experienced in advanced root canal therapy, a procedure that removes the pulp chamber of a tooth and fills it with a filling material, saving the tooth. With modern anesthetics and technology, root canals are quite manageable, and we can do them here, with the team you already trust, instead of referring you to another office.

Protect Your Teeth During Sports

Did you know that 5 million teeth are knocked out each year in the United States alone? Many sports can be dangerous without the proper protection. The one-size-fits-all mouthguards found in stores just don’t fit very well. Custom-made sports mouthguards fit well, protect well, and can be worn for any sport.



TMJ/TMD Treatment

Dental occlusion (i.e. your bite) is sometimes the cause of frequent headaches, aching or popping jaws, shoulder pain, and neck pain. If your teeth have been ground down over the years or lost due to accident or dental disease, your jaw is not able to settle into a naturally relaxed position. This causes tension in the muscles in the jaw, and can lead to a variety of pain that you may have already grown accustomed to living with. The dentist can restore your dental occlusion so the jaw can be returned to the position that nature intended.

Beautiful Dentures for Confident Smiles

Traditional dental X-rays have been “good enough,” but digital X-rays provide clearer and much more accurate pictures of what’s going on inside a patient’s mouth. This makes it easier for the doctor to diagnose issues. Leaks or breaks in fillings that used to go unnoticed, often leading to root canals, can now be found and treated before major damage is done. We can also view your entire mouth in one shot, including the upper and lower jaws, with panoramic digital images.



Digital X-Rays

If you’re looking for affordable dentures for missing teeth, Dr. Alsamerai and Dr. Rashid can design and fit beautiful-looking dentures that don’t slip! They are skilled at fitting the denture so well that you don’t have to worry about the foods you’re eating or that your dentures might shift when you talk.

Intra-Oral Camera

The dentist works hand-in-hand with patients to create a bond of teamwork. The amazing intra-oral camera is a miniature video camera that displays a closeup picture of the inside of your mouth. You can see for yourself what work needs to be done and which teeth are doing fine. You then become a participant in each dental decision. You’ll love how this works!


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