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Mercury-Free Dentistry

A Mercury-Free and Mercury-Safe Office

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, an organization to which we belong, has established a mercury-safe protocol we have followed here in our office. Why? Because while the effect varies depending on the individual, there is no completely harmless level of mercury exposure. We also know that mercury-containing amalgam fillings emit mercury vapor, and we want our patients and staff to be able to avoid this exposure.

To comply with the protocol, our office underwent changes such as the installation of new suction and filtration systems. We also purchased an amalgam separator that exceeds American Dental Association standards and adjusted procedures to increase safety. These steps reduce your exposure not just to mercury, but to aluminum and tin, as well.

Mercury is a harmful material that can negatively impact your oral health, as well as the environment. We’re happy and proud to provide mercury free dentistry.

What does this mean for our patients, staff, and neighbors?

  • New fillings will always be made from composite material with no metals and mercury. That means they are 100% mercury-free!
  • Your exposure to particulates and vapor while old fillings are being removed will be as minimal as we can make it. This is what makes our practice "mercury-safe."
  • Disposal and ventilation systems mean airborne exposure is minimized for our patients and team members in the office.
  • Proper disposal protects the environment.

Why Choose Mercury Free?

White Dental Fillings Ypsilanti MIMercury free dentistry is a safer option that offers several benefits. Mercury, and other metals, expand and contract after being used in dental procedures, which can cause tooth damage that can possible lead to the need for further dental work. Mercury is also a neurotoxin, or a material that has a negative impact on the brain. When used in dental procedures, the risks can include a reaction to the materials caused by heavy metal sensitivities, increased oral damage and even impaired kidney function in children.

Heavy metal sensitivity is especially dangerous in children and pregnant women, or when introduced into the environment. Mercury-based filings are often removed and replaced because the metal changes in shape over time. And when the metals are thrown away, or incinerated, they enter the environment. Mercury in the environment can disrupt the endocrine system in both people and animals. Nearly every type of animal is affected, including birds, mammals and fish.

Safe Alternatives

Mercury safe dentistry offers you a safe alternative that is better for your health and safer for the environment. Bonded fillings are a mercury-free alternative that do not expand and contract in the mouth. This stability allows bonded fillings to protect the teeth against further decay and reduces the need for additional treatments. And they look better too!

These treatments are just as effective as traditional dental procedures, while also being more cost-effective and safer than their metal-containing counterparts. Resins, porcelain and glass isomers are available mercury-free options for a variety of dental treatments. With the range of non-metal options available, you never need to rely on mercury or heavy metals for healthy teeth.

Mercury Safe Dentistry Practice

Mercury-free dentistry offers you a simple way to eliminate mercury in your body and in the environment. We rely on procedures that are completely metal-free to improve your overall health while correcting any dental problems that are present. We can also safely remove any metal fillings you already have, and dispose of these filling in an eco-friendly manner that is safer for the local environment.

Healthier Fillings

As a mercury-free office, we use only composite resin materials when you need a filling. These use absolutely no metals and have been tested for biocompatibility. They bond well with the healthy enamel of your tooth, which keeps decay-causing bacteria from seeping underneath the filling over time. Best of all, they match your tooth and look so much better than the old-fashioned fillings!

If you have any questions about our equipment, procedures, or philosophy, please call us at (734) 572-4428.

You can also learn more at the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology website and Dr. Tom McGuire's Mercury Safe Dentists website.

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