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Green Dentistry

Environmentally Substainable Dental Care YipsilantiThe goal of green dental practices are to provide you, the patient, with reliable, environmentally safe services that helps you maintain a your health for a lifetime. We’re proud to be able to offer a variety of methods that are provided to help achieve this goal.

Full-body health is as connected to the health of the world around us as it is to what we put into it, so our approach to green dentistry takes into account, not just how treatment and practical decisions affect you, but also how they impact the environment and the community.

Green Dentistry Yipsilanti MIThis “green” dental philosophy we embrace has a base in biocompatible dentistry. "Biocompatible" means that the material is not harmful to living tissue. We use biocompatibility testing to make sure any material we use for your restorations will not cause inflammation, allergic response, or toxicity in your body. That goes for other items in our office, such as latex and other potential allergens, as well.

We also prefer to use non-surgical treatment whenever possible, and have incorporated the use of laser dentistry as it promotes faster healing as well as reduced medical waste. And when possible, we remove or avoid the use of toxins like silver-mercury amalgam fillings and fluoride treatment and products.

If you would like to learn more about green dentistry in our office, please call us at (734) 572-4428.

Sustainable, Low-Impact Care Options

We are very excited to be able to provide ozone therapy for a multitude of purposes. Oxygen-ozone therapy can be applied in a variety of ways to treat and prevent gum disease. It is known to boost the immune system and the body's natural defenses and even has antimicrobial properties.

Sustainable, Low-Impact Care Options

The methods used in green dentistry include incorporating resource-conserving technology into the office to reduce the impact on the environment. For instance, laser surgery uses fewer resources than traditional surgery, while also providing patients with a less invasive treatment option that often results in faster healing times. Green dentistry practices also rely on eco-friendly products to provide reliable service without having a negative impact on the environment. Some products that are used to promote a more sustainable practice include:

  • Biodegradable disinfectants
  • Steam sterilizers that reduce the need for chemical disinfectants
  • Washable, reusable products like washable hats and gowns
  • Energy Star-rated appliances
  • High-tech equipment designed to provide accurate, safe treatments, such as radiography imaging instead of X-ray machines

Every aspect of care is considered to provide holistic, eco-friendly care in green dental practices. Not only do the practices provide you with the best treatments available, the practices also focus on maintaining a healthier, cleaner environment for future generations.

Health and Wellness

The environmental benefits of green dental practice include keeping chemical contaminants out of the local water supply and having a more natural smile after treatment. Along with a more natural smile, patients benefit by the variety of non-metal products available from green dental practices. Our methods focus on long-term, whole body health. For instance, we avoid the use of products, such as mercury, that may have a negative long-term impact on your health.

The use of non-metal materials allows you to smile with confidence, even after receiving fillings or having a total smile restoration. Using non-metal materials also reduces the risk of introducing heavy metals into the local water supply. Instead of metal, green dentist procedures include using porcelains and composite blend materials for filling and veneers. Low-prep veneers are also available. Low-prep veneers are ideal when you want to minimize dental work, but also want the confidence of a full smile restoration.

Products like Invisalign™ are a non-metal alternative to braces. These non-metal options are just as effective as traditional treatments, but are safer for both you and the environment. Invisalign™ is also a non-permanent option that allows for easy removal so you can enjoy brushing and eating as usual.

Why Go Green?

Your personal health can be negatively impacted when heavy metals are introduced into your body. Green dentistry eliminates the risk of chronic inflammation caused by heavy metals like mercury. Dentists who are part of the Eco-Dentistry Association are committed to making the best choice available for both your personal care and the environment. When you make a commitment to go green at the dentist, your choice has a far-reaching impact that makes a huge difference in your personal health while having a positive impact on the Earth.

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